Sunday, December 15, 2013

Guess What I Was Doing 1 Year Ago Today...

I was on a plane, flying to AUSTRALIA to meet JP's extended family and celebrate Christmas with them!

Want to know what I'm doing this year?
Studying for finals.
Well not right at this very moment, funny how blogging suddenly became very important to accomplish at 10 PM the night before finals week starts... But I guess maybe that's a side-effect of GRADUATING?!

Yep, that's right. I celebrated my last day of undergraduate classes last week!
There's a post coming about that, don't you worry haha. 

Speaking of, sorry for the two-week absence!
Real life started piling up, combined with a little medical non-emergency and trying to get the most out of my last few weeks as an undergraduate at BYU and somehow blogging got pushed to the back burner. 
But I'm back now! With a whole slew of posts ready for the next week and some very exciting news coming right this way (is your interest peaked yet? ha.... ha...)

But in honor of me wishing I was on an airplane instead of filling out a google doc, here are a few pictures from Australia last year:

If you feel like reminiscing with me, feel free to read my Australia posts here:
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  1. Grace, I love your little blog. :-) I feel your pain with finals. This was my finals week as well. Thank heavens it's over now!

  2. Grace! Your blog is so great. I hope your news is baby related. If it's "I'm moving to Europe, Australia, France, or somewhere else awesome in the world" I might defriend you ;) haha