Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding: Markell & Jordy

Friday December 27 was a gorgeous, freezing day for the marriage of one of my best friends Markell and her fiancé Jordan! 
I announced their engagement here.
It was a beautiful wedding and they were glowing all day with happiness, you could honestly see it.
I love weddings! Especially when someone you love has found the person they are meant to be with, AAH it's the best. 
And now, a million pictures: 
(all photo cred for these pictures goes to my sis-in-law Shayla, she's the greatest.)

Except the ones at the very bottom, which you'll definitely want to see, trust me.

^^^Her dress was unbelievable! It was her mom's, and was made by her grandma!^^^

 ^^^ haha! we got caught instagramming ^^^

 These are a few of her BREATHTAKING bridals taken by her photographer Tracy Hill!! 
The same girl who took my bridals!


  1. A wedding event in the middle of the snow? That’s so chillingly romantic! And your bestie looked like a lovely snow queen in her wedding gown. That’s so wonderful!


  2. It’s really good that you are getting married with your best friend. A good friend could always understand us very well. I am very happy for your decision. All the best to both of you!!
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