Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back at 2013:

2013 was an amazing year. 
In some ways the most trying and exhausting year of my life, and also the most rewarding and fulfilling (and fun) year of my life. 

I studied for and took the MCAT, we moved to Europe for the summer, I attended medical school interviews, and graduated from college. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

But now, because this little blog has turned into something like an online record of my life, a look back at 2013:

I went snowshoeing for the first time in my life and loved it,

I attended the Sundance Film Festival and saw some really fantastic films. 

I went to my friend Hayley's wedding reception and 

hosted the 3rd annual Pizza-and-Pazookies Valentines group date.

We took family pictures before my sister left on her LDS mission to New Jersey, 

I was a bridesmaid for my really good friend Rachel (who I also set up with her husband Craig (!!!) and also now they're having a little girl in April!)

JP and I attended the BYU Law School Ball

and got waffles from the waffle truck!

Then we went to a wedding up at Sundance

and another wedding with a gorgeous view

We cheered on the BYU rugby team to winning the national championships

and went to Arizona so I could take the MCAT!

Then we sort of moved to Europe and explored:

>>> Ireland
Vienna <<<
>>> Bruges
 PARIS <<<
>>> Germany
London <<<

Then we came back home and attended this wedding, and this wedding

We went Crawdad fishing and 

And then guess what? We went to another wedding!

We hosted a chili-cook-off party and attended a pumpkin carving party!

We also hosted a Halloween party that was tons of fun and the 3rd annual Pie Party experienced its most successful year yet!

Then we celebrated Christmas with some decorations and a little gingerbread cookie get-together!

Thanks so much for reading. I love your sweet comments and I really enjoy sharing pieces of my life on here!

Here's to 2014!!


  1. - Happy New Year, you two! Let's hope 2014 is every bit as rewarding and fulfilling for you both. Full of love and adventure.

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