Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Family Picture Time?

We took family pictures this last week because with my sister Anne leaving on her mission and everything, our family isn't going to be all together for 18 months! 
So it was decided that family pictures were probably a good thing to have taken because the last time we took family pictures was... umm.... never? Literally. We have never taken official family photo-shoot pictures before, so the whole experience was actually pretty hilarious. 
(I mean, I'm already not super comfortable with the whole posing in front of a camera thing... and apparently it's a family trait)

photos by Monika
(the same girl who designed the clothes from this fashion show!)


  1. These are such gorgeous pictures & you have a beautiful family! And I definitely agree- posing for pictures can be super awkward. But y'all definitely rocked it!


  2. these are sooo cute!! i especially love that first one that perfectly captures everyone's personality haha

  3. Lovely post <3


  4. The pictures are fantastic! What a great memory to have when your sister is away :)

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