Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Sister's a Model!

It wasn't quite New York Fashion Week BUT, it was close. 

BYU put on their first ever student-designer fashion show and it was so sweet! 
There were about 10 designers, and they had all designed and sewn anywhere from 4-10 different looks and then had them modelled by over 75 models on the runway! 

My sister was one of those models, and so was her friend Emily! The designer's clothes they wore were made from completely recycled and thrifted fabrics, which I thought was so cool. 
Since my sewing abilities are limited to sewing a button back onto a coat, I was really impressed by all the designers' abilities to make clothes that: 
A) fit their model properly &
B) don't look homemade

Hopefully this fashion show becomes a permanent tradition! 
BYU needs some things to boost its "cool factor"  :)


  1. That's so cool! I wish I would have known so I could have gone, because those clothes are beautiful. And your sister is absolutely gorgeous!


  2. Go Anne! This is awesome, I'm loving this idea, and Anne looks beautiful as always.