Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happiest of Birthdays to my Favorite Person!

-Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carol-

Guys, it's JP's birthday today! He's 27! 
Why is it that 27 sounds so much older than 26? Have you noticed that with some ages?
I remember when I turned 17 I was like WHOA, how did this happen. 
But then when I turned 21 I was like ehh... whatever. 

Anyways, birthday festivities are currently being planned for this evening and to kick it off we're both going to school all day - Can I get a hip hip hooray?!  

I guess we've transitioned to the adult world of birthdays now, where responsibilities don't get to be put on hold to celebrate your birth, but that's okay because you still have an AWESOME excuse to eat as many cupcakes as you want without feeling too guilty.

So Happy Birthday Jean Paul!! Love you with all my heart!

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