Monday, September 16, 2013

A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody:

So, last Saturday, Provo got this crazy micro-storm that postponed the BYU football game for two hours, blew over trees, knocked out the power, and basically wreaked havoc on our little town. 
There were weather warnings all over the TV saying "stay inside, on the ground level, away from windows, and postpone travel"

So what did JP and I do?
Jumped in the car in some fancy clothes and headed up into the mountains to go to a wedding!

*spoiler alert*
we didn't die

It was Alex and David's wedding! (Remember her bridal shower?) 
So obviously a little pseudo-tornado was not going to deter us from attending haha and I'm happy to report that the weather cleared up and we had  a fantastic night at their reception!

There was a little bar making virgin cocktails, a live band, and dancing for 2+ hours!
JP was in heaven haha and I was too! I still can't believe that guy has turned me into someone who enjoys dancing!

So, here's a million pictures from the night, enjoy!

 ^^^ Bridesmaids!

^^^ We threw birdseed as they left which I LOVED! Such a fun unique idea, and it looked so cool!


  1. You two are the cutest wedding "goers" ever! And she is one beautiful bride!

  2. cuteee oneeee :) May Lord Bless you :)