Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So I flew to DC this week and stayed for less than 24 hours...

Because I had my first medical school interview!
I can't believe it's really happening! 

In fact, this trip was a lot of firsts:
- first time flying alone
- first time JP and I spent the night apart 
(tears... I know... just kidding. But really we made it over 2 years of marriage without ever spending a night apart until now! I'm not really sure how we pulled that off haha)
- first time trying Georgetown Cupcakes 
(delicious, but I think Sprinkles has them beat!)
- first time wearing skin colored nylons?!? 
(Yeah, I looked like a grandma. BUT I also looked like a very serious professional future-medical student.... right?)


^^^ so. ugly.


  1. Can't wait to find out where you go!!!!

  2. You can even make skin colored nylons look good! I'm so impressed! Congrats on this/upcoming interviews!!