Friday, September 6, 2013

I dubbed myself official photographer of this bridal shower:

This week I went to a bridal shower for a fabulous friend of mine!
Alex is marrying David: he's a frenchman who grew up in Spain and currently lives in Dubai (dead serious).
So that means that after her wedding tomorrow (eek! so excited!) she is moving to Dubai! Forever! Actually not quite forever, but for 3-5 years sooo pretty much forever. 

And it's not like she's just in another state. She across the ocean in DUBAI. 

So, needless to say, this bridal shower was the best thing ever because it was probably one of the last times for a long while that we will be able to sit and chat about anything and everything for 4+ hours 
sorry JP, I still feel bad about waking you up when I finally made it home ;)

It was hilarious and cute and slightly-scandalous and even a little tear-jerking, which really makes for a successful bridal shower in my book. 

Love you Al! Good luck tomorrow!

 ^^^ there was a slight mishap when the lights came crashing down on top of beth. It was seriously funny.

 ^^^ Alex is in the middle! 

 ^^^ WHY do we try to do these pictures? 
You should see all the ones before and after this of her basically being dropped. 
Sorry Alex... ;)

 ^^^ some intense concentration had to happen when it came to decorating bum-shaped cookies

 ^^^ DON'T even ask which one was mine. hahaha I'm not very artistic soo I botched the lingerie lace I was attempting to create out of frosting and went with a holiday-themed pair of undies.

^^^ cute cute CUTE! David came at the end so we could all interrogate meet him!


  1. i love love love when the fiance shows up at the end of a bridal shower like that! especially if i haven't met him yet, plus it's fun to watch them interact ya know? also, you and all your friends are the prettiest people! for reals though.

  2. I'm so glad you were the photographer for this because I LOVE this post! Such a great night captured.:)XO.

  3. I'm pretty sure she served her mission in Rochester... She was SO nice!