Thursday, September 5, 2013

We didn't make it to Switzerland on our European Adventure so...

We went to Swiss Days to make up for it!

Swiss Days is this fabulous invention of a festival that's held in the cutest town in Utah: Midway. 
(which also happens to be the same town where my favorite mexican food restaurant in the world is located)

There are all different kinds of booths of crafts and clothes and food and pretty much anything you could think of. 
We headed up there with my parents and our friends Eric and Kimmi (remember them?!) and made an evening out of it. 

And my goodness, festivals are just right up my alley of happiness: 
Other people being crafty? Sign me up. 
Random assortments of food? Done. 
Cliche and kind of Kitschy? Even better. 

Haha it was a hilarious night and a really fabulous way to celebrate Labor Day!

^^^ It was like I was actually in Switzerland!

 ^^^ Love these people.

^^^aaaand these people too :)