Sunday, July 14, 2013

Friends in Paris: Episode 1

After our European road trip, (read parts 1 & 2 here) Eric and Kimmi spent the next week in Paris with us!
We love having friends in Paris.

Anyways, it was such a blast!
> picnic'd in front of the Eiffel Tower

> went on tours with JP's school group of Le Marais (old mansions in Paris!) and the Louvre (obvi)

> stopped by a carnival where I purchased the largest cotton candy of my life and JP consumed more sugar than I thought was humanly possible. 

> strolled along the Champ Elysees and visited the Sacre Coeur

> we ate at some of the best restaurants Paris has to offer, because let's be honest, we're just here for the food ;)

It was the best week, and then we jetted off to Sardinia, Italy for the weekend! 
(and those posts will be coming soon, don't you worry haha)

 ^^^ Stumbled upon some kids playing basketball, right next to the 1000 year old city wall. 
I think moments like this are why I love Paris!

 ^^^ Nike Frees are the best way to walk around Paris. Just swallow that pride and do it! 

 ^^^ I'm not kidding. That thing was ENORMOUS!

 ^^^ So. Much. Candy. 

^^^ Ummm, yeah. Kimmi is a babe!

^^^ A rare, all-four-of-us shot!

 ^^^ Winged Victory. Absolutely amazing.

 ^^^ Mona. She may be small, but da Vinci considered her to be his greatest masterpiece and so do I!


  1. Um ok, can Justin and I come be friends in Paris? For reals, your pictures are making me ache for another trip back there. PS you look GORGEOUS in every single post.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Post that picture of Kimmi on Pinterest! Xo.

  3. I'm heading to Paris in a few weeks-what are your favorite places to eat?

    1. Get a crepe from one of the street vendors by the Notre Dame!
      And get paris' best ice cream on saint louis (it's a small island near the island that notre dame is on!) but make sure it's "berthillon" ice cream... a few vendors sell it on that island!
      As for real food that isn't dessert... honestly, some of the best food I've had is from the bakeries. I love the panini's and croque monsieurs. But if you're looking for a more expensive meal (and you like steak!) try L'Entrecôte! It's our favorite!

  4. just came across your blog!
    i'm looking forward to following it and reading more!

  5. ahhhh the nike... sigh... you live a charmed life!