Tuesday, July 9, 2013

European Road Trip Part 1: Bruges!

Friday afternoon, after JP was all done with class, we rented a car, picked up our friends Eric and Kimmi from the airport, and headed to Bruges, Belgium!

We stopped in Amiens (a little french town I actually went to on my study abroad!) for dinner, then arrived at our little bed and breakfast late Friday night (how awesome is it that Belgium is like a 3-4 hour car drive away from Paris?!)

The next morning we set off on foot to explore Bruges and my goodness, do yourself a little favor and put Bruges on your travelling bucket list, it's UNREAL!

Bruges is seriously the most gorgeous little quaint town, the people are so friendly, the buildings are amazing, and you pretty much never get tired of wondering the cobblestone streets because the whole town is on the water (I daresay it's more beautiful than Venice?! Am I allowed to say that?) and it's magic. 

There are candy and chocolate shops everywhere, not to mention waffle stands (of course!).
And while we did purchase a waffle (with nutella and whipped cream, thank you very much), we ate it so quickly that it wasn't documented with pictures haha

JP also had some shrimp for lunch that you can only get in Belgium or Holland, and he was preeeetty excited about them, to say the least. 

We loved it, every minute. Then we jumped in the car late that night and drove the hour and a half to Brussels!


  1. I am so jealous! I love to travel and wish I could do more of it! Enjoy your summer!


    Love it!!!

    Looks like everyone is going to freakin' Europe but me... Claaasic Donna right here... being a loser. ;)

    You guys are just the best looking couple to walk this earth.

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