Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What do you do on the hottest day of the year?

And when you live on the top floor of a building that hasn't discovered it's the 21st century yet?

You go to a nice, air conditioned museum!

JP had never been to the Georges Pompidou Modern Art Museum, and it's one of my absolute favorite museums, so we decided to spend the afternoon there yesterday!
Because I'm pretty sure it was hotter inside our apartment than it was outside... 

Anyways, this museum: (!!!) 
Even if you don't like modern art all that much (I love it) you can still appreciate the masterpieces in here!
They had an exhibition right now displaying a lot of Roy Lichtenstein's pieces, an artist I had heard of and seen pictures of his pieces in magazines and whatnot, but now I love him! 

Our time here is winding down (we leave for London a week from tomorrow!) so we are busy checking the touristy things we want to do off our list!

^^^alright, this was my favorite part of the whole exhibition!! 
Lichenstein did a lithograph of Monet's 'Rouen Cathedral' paintings (3 of which I have prints of hanging in mine and JP's room back in Provo!)
And I seriously love how you can see the whole work in progress, even his notes on what colors he wanted to use!


 ^^^Kandinsky is another artist I love! JP didn't quite understand it, but I'll convert him eventually ;)

However, JP loves the dada movement! Who knew?! I didn't.  

^^^ This was the best. This group of art students were having a very in-depth conversation about whether or not this should be considered art, and they were arguing back and forth and I was so entranced listening to their reasoning for both sides. I just creepily stood and listened to them for like 20 minutes.


  1. aohhww gosh i'm so jealous! i love lichenstein!

  2. ahh i'm jealous that looks aaamazing!!!

  3. Haha, "creepily stood and listened" :D That's too funny! But I love all these fun paintings you saw!! I would love to have an awesome museum like that close by!! Sorry for the hot heat, that would not be fun :( Hope the days that come are cooler than this day!!



  4. I would have loved to have gone to see this