Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

JP and I threw a Halloween Party this week! 
We got together with friends, made caramel apples, and played a game which somehow ended up with most of us on the floor crying from laughing so hard... So I marked it as a success! 
It really was so much fun and people's costumes were amazing! 

On actual Halloween night JP and I continued with our tradition of eating chinese food and watching a scary movie & even got our friends Eric and Kimmi to join us! 
(It's the best tradition ever, and we sort of started it on accident on our first married Halloween together and have just stuck with it! Why switch up a good thing right? Haha) 

^^^ Burglars!

^^^ Mugatu & Zoolander hahaha

^^^ Middle Easterners!

^^^ A deer & a park ranger haha!

^^^ Michael Jordan & his basketball hahaha

^^^ Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, so perfect. 

^^^ Cruella DeVille and her Dalmatian puppy!

^^^ Masquerader and Superman!

^^^ UP!!

^^^ Barbie & Ken (excuse my green tongue, apparently I had just eaten some candy haha)

^^^ Cowboy/girl!!

^^^^yeahhh.... this happened briefly. It was hilarious and they were so uncomfortable. 

Then... the blonde wig started getting passed around: 

Happy Halloween blog friends!
 Thanks for reading!


  1. Who was that hot cowboy?

  2. hahaha oh my gosh I am dying that you put up the pic of the boys in the cowboy being bright pink!! So much fun, thanks for throwing a great party again!!

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