Monday, October 28, 2013

Utah to DC and back in 36 hours:

This weekend (more like the end of last week) I jumped on a plane and flew out to DC for another med school interview! Woohoo!
The night before I left I was up until 3 AM finishing homework assignments that were going to be due while I was gone, so when I got on the plane in Utah, I promptly fell asleep and didn't wake up until the pilot informed us we were descending into Washington DC. 
Best plane ride ever.

My good friend Jenna picked me up from the airport and I decided to head out and find the school and the building I was supposed to check into for the interview in the morning. 
It ended up being the world's easiest building to find, and upon consulting google maps I discovered I was only about a half of a mile away from the Lincoln Memorial! So off I went. 

DC happened to be freezing cold, (okay not freezing, but pretty dang chilly!) So I might have stopped into H&M to buy a jacket and a scarf... they were necessities!

Okay but chilliness aside, DC is beautiful at sunset! And I loved the Lincoln Memorial! (I didn't get to see it when I was there last time, or the time before that.)

Jenna and her husband Mike picked me up and we went and tried 2Amy's for dinner (Well, I tried it, they'd had it before,) and it was amazing! Totally lived up to the hype.

The next day was all intervewing n' stuff, and then I managed to squeeze in a quick stop and Anthropologie and it was off to the airport! Until next time DC!

^^^ I sent this picture to my brother, who then asked me if I was playing with photoshop.


  1. Hello! Random reader here, haha. My brother and his wife live in DC. He went to GW for law school and they absolutely love it there! There's a great LDS community there as well. (Nothing like Utah of course!) Good luck with everything!