Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You Know How Much We Love a Themed Party:

Okay, I'll be honest, when JP first presented the idea of a "Chili Cookoff" to me, I was less than excited. 
 Exhibit A) Everyone's in school! People don't want to take the time to make chili!
Exhibit B) I don't even know how to make chili. 
Exhibit C) We hosted a BBQ just 3 weeks ago! I don't want to dominate people's social calendar. 
(I didn't take any pictures at that particular event, which was a shame because JP made bacon-and-cheese-stuffed hamburgers.)

But luckily JP just ignored these hollow protestations and eventually I got on board and voilá! We had the most fabulous chili cookoff I have ever attended (also, the only chili cookoff I have ever attended. But the bar is set preeeeetty high now).

Everyone brought amazing chili's, we got to spend quality time with friends we love, play the most hilarious game ('Head's Up' -- look it up on the app store!), and eat JP's signature pie again! So I would call the night a success. 
Should we make this an annual tradition? It's not like JP and I have very many of those ;)

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