Thursday, November 22, 2012

2nd Annual Pie Party

JP loves Thanksgiving. 
And he loves pie. 
So last year, he began the tradition of throwing a "Pie Party" the night before Thanksgiving. 
This year we had an even bigger turn out, which was great, including a few repeat attenders from last year! So much fun to see everyone, although it is a shame that so many people feel like they have to go home to be with their families for this holiday. Can't you all stay in Provo for the break? :)

Like last year, JP's wording for the invitation is really just one of a kind, and here is it for your enjoyment:

Dear family, friends, and associates,

It’s that time of year again – the time when we give thanks for our abundance by trying to consume as much of it as possible in one sitting.

So naturally it is also time for our second annual pie party. Last year we had great turnout with about a dozen different kinds of pie (I am proud to say I sampled every one of them and haven’t fit into the pants I wore to the party since).

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept this is how it works: The pie party is actually a pie competition. Every person or group of people attending is encouraged to bring a pie (if you don’t feel up to the challenge we won’t turn you away), and we will all vote on which pie is the tastiest. The winner, in addition to our praise, will receive a generous prize and will hold the title of pie master until next year. Last year there was a lot of pre-party boasting, but only one winner.

So once again research recipes, consult cooks, and page through pinterest to find the best recipes possible, and let’s have another successful pie party.

Jean Paul

 Couldn't be more thankful for that guy right there. 

 He made a "Kentucky Derby Pie," which I had never heard of, but is definitely a new favorite! JP followed this recipe here, and tweaked it a little. 

I truly hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, I find that I have more and more to be thankful for every year. 
(I suppose that's how it should be huh?)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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