Thursday, November 24, 2011

The First Annual Pie Party

Jean Paul loves starting traditions. 
Basically everything we do together, he asks "Should we make this a tradition?!" 

Example: On Halloween we made fried rice for dinner, and he's told maybe 6 people that we have a Halloween tradition of making fried rice... Soo apparently if you are in the mood for fried rice, come on over to our house on Halloween? Haha.

However, when he told me he thought it would be fun to start a tradition of having a Pie Party the night before Thanksgiving, I actually agreed with him. So Jean Paul put the whole thing together, and for your benefit here is the description on his party invitation:
If you've ever met Jean Paul, this won't surprise you one bit haha. 

Dear Friends,

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and what better way to celebrate it than to have a pie party? A pie party is a splendid tradition in which a group of people get together and celebrate the holiday of gluttony with none else than exorbitant amounts of pie. In order for this to work every person or group of people attending (please bring whomever you would like) needs to bring a pie. Quality is paramount. If you know me... you then you know I am what my wife likes to call a ‘food snob.’ I prefer refined. Needless to say, if you bring a store-bought pie you will be turned away at the door and I will defriend you on facebook.

There will be voting and a prize for the best pie. So consult your favorite recipe blogs, rifle through grandma’s old recipes, or call your mother, and prove to everyone else that you are a better cook than they.

Happy Thanksgiving! May your hearts be grateful and your stomachs gratified.

Jean Paul

PS – Only sweet pies please, I love a good savory pie, but I don’t trust anyone on this continent to make one. 

It was so much fun! We had over ten pies and who knew our friends were such good cooks?!
All of them were homemade too, except for one group who thought they could get away with passing off a pie from Kneader's as their own... tsk tsk. You know who you are.

Yay I love friends that come all the way down from Utah State just for our Pie Party! ;)

Provo Best Friends, obviously.


 The winner!!

 Using the first place trophy as a mic? Sure why not.

Kyler, Jeremy, and Victoria apparently are my most talented friends when it comes to baking.


  1. So Fun!! I'm sad we missed it but since it's a tradition we will make it next year! :) P.S. your outfit is adorable love the stripes!

  2. Jord photo bombin'