Monday, November 14, 2011


Sometimes you get called "Gracie Baby" by an old man at work, and you just go with it.

Sometimes it just so happens that while you're frantically looking for a 
parking spot, a car magically backs out just in front of you.

Sometimes your best friend buys you lunch because you were an 
airhead and left your wallet in the car.

Sometimes a study session turns into a eat-everything-in-site 
and do-everything-except-study party. 

Sometimes your husband is a freakin' champ and takes you out for a 
good old fashioned McDonald's ice cream cone for dinner.

And sometimes he's okay that you didn't make dinner -- once again, a champ.

Sometimes you wonder how you managed to pull off having an ideal job, 
an awesome TA position, a husband who watches Gossip Girl with you, 
while attending a university with all your best friends, 
and you realize you are pretty dang lucky.
And sometimes you and your husband are foot-twins, which makes going out in public that much more fun.


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  2. They are from! They are "Selected Homme Como Workboots"