Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just a little video

Remember when Jean Paul and I went to San Fransisco last Spring
Well, we brought a flip-video camera with us and documented our trip with little video clips! 
I've been working on putting them all together and making a little film and tonight I finally got to finish it! 

It's definitely not the highest quality of videos and keep in mind that we were filming each other (hence the shakiness...) but I love it! I think videos are my new favorite way to document things.

Song by: Angus and Julia Stone


  1. this is adorable. i am Crawling with Envy :)

  2. Love it!
    I took a whole lot of video clips of myself and himself in the weeks leading up to his leaving for DRC. Now I know what to do with them.
    LOVE the backing track!

  3. I love the City by the Bay and I love your fun little video documentary-- it's so action-packed and upbeat! Love your boots!