Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An Exposé:

People often ask me if I've discovered anything about Jean Paul since we've been married that I am surprised about or didn't know before we moved in together. And usually I say 'not really' (I mean, we did date for two years... a person can't hide much for that long haha).

However, lately I've started keeping track when I learn something about Jean that surprises me, and here is what I've compiled so far:

  • He hates eating breakfast before 11 AM.
  • He would eat beef jerky and sugared cereal for every meal if I wasn't there to intervene.
  • He hates making the bed- the whole idea of it. He doesn't even like it when I make the bed because he thinks it's a waste of time.
  • He is really good at folding laundry (this has been awesome)
  • He is against decorating for holidays?? So random. 
  • He looooves my hair dryer. Seriously, you've never seen the guy so excited.
  • He refuses to follow recipes when he cooks (that was a fun one to discover...) 
  • He doesn't think I am responsible enough to have my own key to our apartment (I figured this one out when it took him 2 months to make me a copy... and then when I lost it he wasn't really surprised... oops)
  • Hanging pictures is not his strong point... (think seven holes in the wall for one little frame..)
  • He spends more time online shopping than I do.
  • He just pushes the peanut butter lid on to close it- he doesn't even screw it closed. 


  1. Ok. I love these, finding these things out about your husband are hilarious. The little things. The bed making one-Matson makes it but only because he knows I care about it. And why does he not like to decorate? Sad. I love doing that! PS: where are Jean's boots from? Love them and Matson needs some different kinds of shoes besides canvas and workout shoes.

  2. You two are adorable. It sounds like he needs you as much as you need him! Love your fun list!!

  3. hahaha .. ok, wait - why do i feel like he sent you some decor while we were in london?!

  4. Erica- he bought his boots at endless.com!
    And Sarah and I KNOW HE TOTALLY DID!!! And this year I'm getting all ready to decorate for Halloween and his true colors came out... So completely worthless haha