Thursday, November 10, 2011

The night in which we scared our friends half to death

Last weekend, Jean Paul and I, along with our two friends Eric and Kimmi, somehow ended up watching "The Strangers" on TV. You may recall me mentioning how much I HATE scary movies, so needless to say I was not too pleased with this decision but didn't want to be the only one who ruined the "fun". So I watched it. 

 Worst. Idea. Ever. 

Here's the premise of the movie: 
This couple is staying at a lake house and three random people keep knocking on the door, breaking in, moving things around, throwing their cellphones into the fire, basically just terrorizing them all night for no real reason and eventually end up killing them both. And the three people are wearing CREEPY masks. 
Here's a picture to feast your eyes upon: 
Scared? Me too. 

We were all terrified. Eric and Kimmi couldn't sleep, I was convinced my life had run it's course and I would die that night, and it didn't really phase Jean Paul, which was minorly comforting... but not really. 

So here's the best part: 
The night after we watched it, Jean Paul comes up with the genius idea to drive out to Eric and Kimmi's with masks on and knock on their door late at night. (He's a great friend)

He somehow got me on board and before I know it we've made masks out of white T-shirts with holes cut out of them (refer to above picture), driven over to their apartment, and are knocking on their door. Over and over and over again. 

At first, there was no answer. Then we heard Eric ask "who's there?"
And we just knocked again and again and didn't answer him hahahaha

They would NOT open the door and Jean Paul had to eventually say something. So the door finally opens, and we see Eric holding a golf club and with Kimmi behind him holding her cell phone, ready to dial 9-1-1. 
Best. Prank. Ever. 

They are really good sports to still be friends with us, and I am pretty happy Eric didn't have a gun.

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