Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Wedding and A Reunion

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending my friend Jen's wedding reception!
Her dress was gorgeous -- I have never seen lace like that!
I loved her reception too. First of all, it was at the Zion's Bank Tower in Salt Lake City and the view up on the top floor there is unbelievable, and second of all, she had this fabulous pasta bar where you could build your own pasta dish, which I have never seen at a reception before, and it's not often I see something I haven't seen before... I thought it was such a good idea! 
She's a gem. I just love her. 


After the reception I convinced Mr JP to run over to City Creek for a couple minutes (haha) so I could check out the new Anthropologie store location! Which didn't disappoint, I am pleased to report. 

And THEN (we were all over the place that night) my London study abroad group had a reunion that I LOVED!! We reminisced about memories including this, this, this, and this, while the husbands were good sports and indulged us/took pictures for us for over two hours! 
And we missed everyone who couldn't make it! I love these people, I feel like we will always have a bond with one another, they're each really amazing individuals and I feel lucky to know them!

The best professor in the world right there!


  1. wait. i love this post!!! Grace you are the BEST. and seriously thanks so much for coming!!!!! and props to this blog of yours, i had no clue you were such a crafty woman. (not that i'm surprised) love you :)