Thursday, June 20, 2013

Top O' The Mornin' to ya!

Our 2nd day in Dublin started off bright and early -- JP got ahold of a map of Dublin and planned out our whole day down to the route he wanted us to take haha.

Trinity College was our first stop, the oldest college in Ireland! It opened in 1160 and still has over 15,000 students. 
The coolest part about Trinity College was seeing the Book of Kells --  one of the oldest handwritten bibles. It's written in Latin and has super detailed and ornate pictures and has been preserved through vikings attacks and other invasions since the year 800. 

We then wandered around Dublin and found St. Patrick's Cathedral, ate in another pub, enjoyed some live Irish music (fabulous, I might add, the musicians here even on the street are SO talented!) discovered that the Dublin Castle is not quite as castle-like as you might expect, and kept our eyes open for President Obama (apparently the Obama's were visiting Ireland the same time we were).

Early this morning (much too early) we found ourselves catching a bus and heading back to the airport. 
We're now in Vienna visiting our friends Eric and Kimmi for a few days! They've been living here for a year and we always talked about coming to visit them, and I'm so thrilled it actually happened!

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  1. The "Please Q Here" made my heart hurt. I'm so jealous! Looks like a blast!