Friday, June 28, 2013

Tour de la Seine

Through JP's school program, we get the opportunity to go on all these awesome guided tours in Paris! 
The first one we did was last night, and it was a boat tour on the Seine! Last time I was in Paris, this was hands down one of my favorite things I did, and JP had never been on one! 
So, I was probably a little more excited for him than I needed to be, but nonetheless it was so much fun! The other students in JP's program are from all over the world, literally (think Turkey, Greece, Denmark, France, USA, Brazil, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria) and they are the coolest people and are so interesting to talk to and get to know!

Anyways, back to the river tour, I loved every minute of it. 
And JP did too, despite his protestations of how "touristy" it is haha. 
If you ever come to Paris, I highly recommend it -- get off the metro at Pont Neuf and cross the bridge and you're at the loading dock!


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    1. I use a Canon Rebel T2i with a f1.4/50 mm lens! :)

  2. Okay you seriously look so beautiful in these pictures! We miss you guys too. They'll be lots of hanging out when you return.:)

  3. I love your pictures! We are going to Europe this month and spending a couple days in Paris! I was just wondering what the weather has been like?

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