Sunday, June 23, 2013

Auf Wiedersehen!

Our time in Vienna has come to a close! 
We've had so much fun these past few days, I can't wait for Eric and Kimmi to move back to Utah so we can hang out with them again!!

We did so much yesterday, and had such good weather too! (The heat wave toned it down a bit, thankfully).  The Reas are such good hosts, we felt like we were right at home!
So, without further ado, here's Vienna round 2:
*rhyming unintentional, but it rolls right off the tongue doesn't it?!

> a traditional Austrian brunch at Cafe Sperl, a place that used to be frequented by Hitler...
(JP was the mastermind behind this outing, what did I tell you about him and local food? ;)

> shopping, because for some reason all the stores collaborate and WHAM, they all have massive sales on the same day. 

> exploring around Belvedere Palace! Such a beautiful palace and the grounds are stunning! (You'll see below, I took plenty of pictures don't worry haha)

> dinner at a scrumptious Italian place named Vapianos (apparently they have these on the east coast in the US too! Anyone ever eaten there?)

>watched "Queen of Versailles" a documentary that I've been wanting to see ever since it premiered at the Sundance film festival last year!

> said some tearful farewells this morning and are currently sitting in the Vienna airport waiting for our flight to Paris! 
(Kidding about the tearful farewell part, Eric's work contract is up in a couple weeks and then they're coming to Paris! Hooray!)

^^^ Yeah. JP thought it would be hilarious to pick me up while we were trying to take a photo. My face clearly indicates I didn't think it was that funny... haha

^^^ We had to. 


  1. There are several Vapianos in DC :) Definitely a fan favorite.

  2. hahahah GRACE. I am DYING at your face in those pics. Hilarious. hahahahaha. So fun!!!