Monday, January 28, 2013

Sundance Film Festival 2013

This year's film festival is over but JP and I managed to escape from our homework and see a few movies up at Sundance Resort and Eccles Theatre in Park City during this past week! 
I just love the film festival (read about previous years here & here), and this year was awesome because instead of doing wait-list tickets, we signed up ages ago and got on the "tickets for locals" list and voila! We were able to get tickets to see almost any movie we wanted!
We ended up seeing "Fill The Void" which was completely subtitled and a incredibly interesting story about Hasidic Jews in Tel-Aviv, "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" starring Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck was about two Texan outlaws and the complex path their relationship takes when one gets sent to prison - this one was so good! The director was really inspired by old Texas folksongs and you can really see that motif through out the film. The last movie we saw was the Grand Jury Prize Winner for drama and this one was a lot of fun because since the awards ceremony was right before the showing of the film, so we didn't know which film had won until right before we arrived! It ended up being "Fruitvale" which was such an eye opening movie about the uncalled-for shooting of Oscar Grant in an Oakland BART station on New Year's Day back in 2009. It was an amazing film!
Definitely a successful Sundance Film Festival experience (I can't believe it's our fourth year in a row!), we're already quite excited for next year haha. 

 My sister & I managed to sneak down and meet the director after! And even though I turn into the most awkward person in the world around "celebrities," he was so nice to us and such a neat guy! 


  1. How did you get on that list?? I wanna do it for next year! How much were tickets??

    1. Go to the sundance film institute website and sign up under "locals only"! Tickets are just $15!

  2. thanks for sharing love this post