Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow Shoeing!

This past weekend JP and I tried out a new winter activity that I seriously fell in love with. 
Some of his law school friends go all the time so we joined them this weekend and let me tell you, snow shoeing is a hidden gem amongst outdoor winter hobbies. 
We were traipsing through who knows how many feet of snow, and it was just peaceful and clear and gorgeous AND I could eat as much fresh snow as I wanted (I am 4 years old... I still love eating the snow). 
So snow shoeing! Who knew?? 
I'm already planning our next excursion! 


  1. I am SO glad you eat snow...because...well, of course I do too. It is so tasty. hahah. I've always wanted to try snow shoeing! How fun!

  2. these photos are so cute! and i officially feel inspired to try snowshoeing.

  3. So fun Grace! Hope you and the mister are feeling better : )

    1. aww thank you! thankfully we are feeling much much better :)

  4. Cute photos, saw your blog and I am amazed with its content.