Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Australia is one of the first places in this whole world to ring in the new year, and my goodness do they know how to do it in style! They have 2 sets of fireworks explode into the sky from 3 different places. The first ones light off at 9:00 PM and the second are lit at midnight (of course)
Grand total spent on those fireworks you might ask? According to google it's anywhere from 5-7 million (!!)

We spent the evening in the fabulous company of JP's cousin Brendan and his girlfriend Jesse! She graciously hosted a little party for us and we spent the final evening of 2012 mixing mocktails, chatting, and playing cards. And to top it all off, the view from her balcony was absolutely perfect -- it had a clear view of all 3 firework-light-off points! Let me tell you, those fireworks were some of the most amazing things I've ever seen, ever.

**photo cred: those very cool firework pictures were edited but not taken by me! They were taken by Shayla's husband Nick :)

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