Friday, April 19, 2013


Weather is starting to warm up around here finally. 
And so, to celebrate the appearance of Spring (and maybe to postpone studying for finals), JP and I visited the waffle truck  with Shayla and Nick!

PS - one final down!


  1. Just want to say keep up all of the studying! I love your blog- I can't even remember how I stumbled upon it about a year ago. Maybe through pinterest and your AMAZING dress?

    I am currently studying for part one of the medical boards. I am almost finished with my second year. And as strange is this sounds I love reading your blog because I feel like we are in this study mode together! My couch looks a lot like yours- covered in books.

    Reading your blog helps remind me that balance is key -I love (admire) that even though you are studying all the time you still have the cutest outfits, do things with your family, and have a blog, have time for God.... OH and volunteer!

    I remember what it was like to study for the MCATs.. and maintaining sanity is no easy feat. My exam is May 4th- so a little before yours but I'm sending you positive vibes all the way from CT. Good luck with finals and keep up all the hard work- it will be worth it when you get that medical school acceptance letter in the mail!

    ( P.S- I hope you are not totally freaked out by how much I read your blog- and that I dont even know you! I swear I'm completely normal. Well, when I'm not studying 12 hours a day haha.)

  2. hahaha best picture of me and nicolaus. ever.

  3. Good luck on your finals! You're almost done, yahoooooo!

  4. A WAFFLE truck!? Amazing, seriously I hope Australia get's on board the food truck things asap. There are a couple, but not nearly as many as in the US.

  5. Waffleeees ♥