Saturday, April 27, 2013


Finals are over!
Not only is it sunny but it's actually warm!
Everything is booked for France!
MCAT studying is coming along nicely...! 
(and by nicely I mean I wanted to rip my brain out sometimes but that's normal right?)
And I wanted to check in and give this blog a little attention, so I decided to leave you with a little link list of awesome stuff I've been doing or looking at online!

This video is AWESOME. Watch it, you'll be in awe.

I just bought this for a friend because 
a) Who wouldn't want to know more about Zelda Fitzgerald and 
b) I have heard really fantastic things about it. 
Can you say summer reading list?

Also, I stumbled across these neat things on etsy and it's probably just my inner anatomy/dissection TA coming out, but I kind of want one haha. 

JP and I recently saw this movie and I don't even know quite what to say about it. It's one of those movies that stays in your mind after you leave the theater, and somehow you find yourself still thinking about it days later. I think Bradley Cooper and/or Ryan Gosling deserves an Oscar for their performance!

And I've been collecting pictures of France such as this one because I can't believe we move there in 6 weeks!! aah!


  1. Um I seriously just ordered that book before reading your blog! Can't wait to spend my summer reading gems like that one. So excited for you guys to get to go to France! How fun!

  2. I still cannot thank you enough for that book---I love it so much already! And...I NEED TO SEE YOU! And....I still can't believe you're moving to FRANCE (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    love you.