Sunday, December 16, 2012

Have yourself an Australian little Christmas

The title might have given it away but JP and I are spending Christmas down under!

We just arrived a few hours ago after spending 14 hours on a plane (the longest I've ever been on one!)
Thankfully, sleeping on planes/trains/automobiles (catch the reference?) is one of my specialties, so 10.5 of the 14 hours were spent blissfully in dreamland 
(natural sleep too! No Ambien for me. although it was on-hand as a back up plan... haha)

Most of JP's extended family lives in Australia and I haven't met many of them, so this trip is going to be full of beach time, petting koalas, and meeting lots of people I am now related to. 

Another huge part of the trip I am looking forward to is getting to read for leisure!  I borrowed my dad's kindle and have a list of books I'm going to read during the three weeks we're spending down here, most of which came from your suggestions on this post, so thank you!

Check back for updates and lots of pictures with frizzy hair (it doesn't do well in humidity) 

Happy Christmas!


  1. My sister Ashley and her husband will be there too.

  2. Love your blog! I actually just got back from Sydney and wanted to suggest some must-dos! Hike the blue mountains, Sydney bridge climb, trip to Bondi, Hunter Valley wildlife preservation ( kangaroos are everywhere!!) and Take the ferry to Manly beach for a fun afternoon!
    Have a great time!!