Sunday, December 9, 2012

Biggest Cram Sesh of My Life

I'm sort of drowning over here. 
After a whirlwind week of finishing massive class projects, taking two exams (that aren't even finals!), and hosting/attending Christmas parties, finals week is upon me and I somehow have less than 24 hours to study for two scheduled final exams tomorrow morning. 

Our apartment looks like a bomb went off, I'm crossing my fingers that I have enough clean clothes to last me through the week, and don't even get me started on how atrocious my eating habits have become in the past 72 hours. 
Can you say d i s a s t e r?

Whew. But hey, I sort of live for this. I have a weird love for it all -- the tense atmosphere plus the complete lack of sleep plus massive amounts of pressure everyone is under eventually all comes to a head and results in some pretty hilarious things happening, especially when you're in the library past midnight every night. 

And then come Friday, you've done it and it's over and your body sort of breaks down (I always get sick the week after finals) and you can sleep in and actually have time to go to the gym and eat three meals a day. 

But whoa, lets not get ahead of ourselves there. That glorious freedom is still five days away!

Wish me luck, I'm certainly going to need it. 

That being said, I do have some catching up I need to do on this blog here, so a bunch of new posts are slowly but surely coming in the near future :)

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