Thursday, December 20, 2012

Exploring Sydney

I'm checking off bucket list items right and left down here! We went into the city and I got to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge (but we haven't climbed it yet! That's on the schedule for next week), the Opera House, Botanical Gardens, and more than one of the massive shopping malls. 
And my goodness I am going to gain 100 pounds down here. All we do is eat! But it's amazing food sooo I'm not really upset about it... yet haha.
Also, can we talk about why America doesn't use the metric system? When talking to JP's cousins I'm constantly trying to convert pounds to kilograms, feet to meters, miles to kilometers, and fahrenheit to celsius. 
A few other things I've noticed about Australia in the last 4 days is that whenever I say "thank you" the reply I receive is not "you're welcome" but instead is always "no worries." Oh, and hardly any of the businessmen wear ties! And when walking, be sure to PASS ON THE LEFT (I am the worst at this... I've run into so many people). 

We are loving Australia! And today's another beach day, so what's not to love? :)


  1. So fun. Ashley, my sister, will be there in like 2 days.

  2. Oh my goodness, I went to Australia last year, and the walking on the left side KILLED ME! I walked into so many people! I also stopped asking where the "restrooms" were because too many aussies told me that they're called "toilets" because you don't go in there to "rest" but you do business. So, toilets>restrooms. Glad you're having fun there!