Saturday, December 15, 2012

The 4th Annual Christmas Party

Every year since we were wee little freshman living in the dorms, my friend Jordan and I have thrown a Classy Christmas Soiree. It's my absolute favorite tradition. 
{you can read about last year's party here. }

I mean, it's the perfect opportunity to mingle with good friends and to get all dressed up (which is always a plus in my book haha). 
AND it launches you right into the Christmas spirit -- even JP can't maintain his scrooge-ness after a party like this :)

We cook a full blown meal for the guests (hold the applause, please, I think it's a miracle we are even somewhat prepared when people start arriving haha) and do a white elephant gift exchange, which never fails to disappoint. 

There are probably way too many pictures, for which I apologize. But considering how many hours the setting up/decorating/Costco runs/cooking took, I wanted it all to be documented haha 
Thanks for bearing with me :)

 he was so pleased with his outfit haha i loved it.


  1. So sad we had to miss it :( NEXT YEAR!

  2. those are some seriously great white elephants!