Monday, December 19, 2011

Have a Very Classy Christmas

This past weekend Jordan and I hosted the 3rd annual classy Christmas party!

We make dinner for everyone- ham, potatoes, rolls, Martinelli's. And it's eaten on Christmas china, of course!
(which makes for a very fun four-hour dishwashing party at the end of the night haha)

Dinner is followed by a white elephant gift exchange- some of this year's gems included a multicolored strobe light, a Twilight board game, a live mouse, oversized underwear, and a George Foreman grill?!

It was such a fun night and this year was especially great because so many of our college friends could come! 
(Usually they've gone home for break already...)

Such a perfect way to celebrate the end of finals!

The Dinner:

 The White Elephants:


The Company:

Happy Christmas!


  1. this looks so fun! and you are gorgeous as always!

  2. All the pictures of me when we are sitting and watching people open their white elephants.... I look ticked off. I need to change my face. HAHA! Thanks for the fun party!

  3. your dress is gorgeous! if i could pick any blogger to be my real life friend i would probably pick you. i swear you guys throw the absolute best parties of all time.