Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Little Fashion Wish List

I have a bit of a classy affair coming up this Friday, so I decided to make a little wish list of what I would like to wear to this certain event. 
Even though it's all incredibly out of my price range: it's beautiful, and girls do this kind of stuff right? Right. 
That's why Pinterest is so successful. Haha. But really... 

Anyways, coats are my weakness and cape-coats have recently caught my fancy, along with chunky necklaces. Also, I think these tights are fabulous and I am of the firm opinion that if you are wearing a skirt or dress, tights should be worn as well. From November to March, with very few exceptions. 
I am also digging those Kate Spade heels, and lets be honest, I'm usually loving Kate Spade in general. 

Happy Holidays!
Lets see if I make it through finals week now...

Classy Christmas Party

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