Friday, December 9, 2011

The Annual Hotel Christmas Party

Every year we go up to the Little America hotel in Salt Lake City with my whole Mom's side of the family. We have a Christmas celebration and spend the night!
We chat, and eat, and swim, and eat, and everyone has a really good time!

We have to sing the annual Christmas song that I think my Grandma made up? (Not really sure where it came from/how it got started... but it's definitely a classic) 

It was Jean Paul's first experience with the hotel Christmas party... but I think he fit in pretty well!

And everyone gets a stocking! Everyone gives one to someone else, and you have to fill it up all the way- but can't spend more than $10.

That's how we ended up with flourescent orange beanies. Pretty awesome huh?

My mom + brother

 Sibs (minus the other brother)

Awww... Sisters!

And for your viewing pleasure... We'll end the post with a round of awkward pictures of me and Jean Paul. We're so photogenic it's amazing.

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