Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Paris vs New York

Since I've been all graduated since December and homework isn't consuming all my free time... I don't know what to do with myself when JP has to write papers all night or read massive case studies. 
So I've been decorating and re-decorating our apartment haha 
It seems a little silly I know, considering we're moving in a few months, but I figured I could try out some new ideas here, and if I like them then carry them over into our new space! 
(Wherever that ends up being... Keep your fingers crossed for us please! Apartment/duplex/basement shopping is hard.)

My newest project consisted of a total re-vamp of our picture wall, and I am quite a fan of how it turned out, mostly because it revolves around two of my favorite places:

Paris vs New York

Designed by a french-based graphic designer, these prints depict juxtapositional images side-by-side that capture the similar yet varied cultural phenomenons of the two cities.  
I am absolutely in love with them!

Total disclaimer -- the lighting in my apartment is terrible, so these pictures definitely don't do the project justice, please bear with me.

Old picture wall:

 New picture wall!

some of my favorite prints:
(although if we're being honest they're all my favorite so... It was really hard to pick just a few to photograph)

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