Sunday, May 31, 2015

Next Stop: Cassis by the Sea

When planning our trip, we nailed down like 60% of it, then left the rest to be flexible so we could drive as much as we wanted, stop when we felt like it, and make decisions on the fly. 
Barcelona was amazing, but since it was a bit chilly and a little rainy when we were there, after our 3 days there were up we decided to chase the sun and drove to Cassis in the south of France. 
It's the most darling little seaside town, complete with a harbor, boardwalk, hidden beaches, and massive sheer cliffs. 

We spent one day wandering its streets and popping in and out of the little shops along the water, then the next day we embarked on a "little hike" to the aforementioned hidden beaches. 

Turns out we didn't exactly know what we were getting ourselves into haha --  it was a massive 2+ hour hike in (it didn't help that we accidentally took a wrong turn and took the most scenic -- longest -- route either haha) and we were definitely in sandals when everyone else was in hiking boots and even had those fancy hiking sticks. 

But honestly, the views we got, whoa. 
We were hiking along the ridge of a sheer cliff that dropped hundreds of feet into the turquoise blue water of the Mediterranean sea. It was almost unbelievable. The pictures don't do it justice but we tried to capture it anyways haha. 

Oh and then I got shhh'd on the hidden beach by a French woman, because apparently [imagine your best french accent] 
"We are at a beach! Not a party!" 
(my voice carries! It's not entirely my fault)


  1. your bathing suit is perfect! where is it from?

    1. Thank you! It's from

  2. How fun! This trip looks amazing