Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red Lobster

Soo I've been craving seafood for about a week now and last night I was FINALLY satisfied.
Jean Paul took me to the one, the only, The Red Lobster.

Turns out if you live in Utah county and want seafood: Red Lobster = your only option.

I have not been to that place in years but, luckily for me, it hasn't changed one bit haha.

So Jean and I ate and talked and laughed until we were the last ones in the restaurant.
He drank one glass of water, I drank six glasses of diet coke (they just kept bringing more out!)
He ordered a steak, I ordered lobster and crab.

He scarred me by showing me the lobster tank in the front of the restaurant and informing me that "I probably just ate one of their best friends."

So I got him back by explaining my family's oh-so-classy annual tradition of using raw chicken legs to catch crayfish/crawdads at Strawberry Reservoir lake.
haha. and he has to come with us this summer.

And then we sword-fought with the crab legs... sometimes we think we're 5 years old.

Oh, and we celebrated 18-months of dating! Woohoo!

Forgive the picture quality... They were taken on my phone. Obviously.

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