Thursday, March 31, 2011

French Connection

Sometimes I experience Europe-withdrawals.

When that happens I either look back through my study abroad pictures and sink further into depression, or listen to the Les Mis soundtrack and think about how I am going to see the musical again in May when it will be playing at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake (more about that later).

However sometimes I get really lucky and Jean Paul takes me to the French Bakery on State street in Orem! And let me tell you, this place is pretty legit.
It doesn't even have soda on tap -- you have to buy a bottled drink. Whoa. (But luckily their bottled water costs 50 cents not 4 euros...)

Anyways, last week I was exhibiting these withdrawal symptoms so Jean Paul whisked me away for a lovely lunch at this little bakery.
Jean chatted away with the owner in French and I smiled and nodded like I understood while actually eyeing the pile of meringues under the counter.
We feasted on quiche and pan au chocolat and I pretended like I was in Paris again.

However I am afraid this will only satisfy me temporarily...
Anyone up for a trip soon?


Best. Thing. Ever.

aaaand this is what happens when you eat shortly after applying red lipstick...

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