Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Bonding

So you know how some families have
fabulous traditions of weekly game nights?
My family is not one of those.

That may be on account of us having possibly the worst sportsmanship in the world... or because having game night would require my family to sit around the same table, at the same time. (A feat which is difficult to make happen, to say the least.)

However on Sunday night after General Conference my mom decided some quality family time was in order and we found ourselves summoned to play Rummi (Rummy? Rumi? Whatever).

We even had bowls of treats! Which made it an official game-night.

It's a great card game if you haven't ever played it, and the night resulted in some very successful family bonding with only a few minor setbacks, such as when my dad was convinced everyone was out to get him.

And who was the winner you may ask? Yours truly somehow pulled it off :)

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