Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I apologize for being completely missing in action this past week! I have a good reason though I swear, in case you didn't know -- it's finals week. Cue scary music...
So if you had an urgent need to talk to me, you would be smart to look in the library on the second floor by the maps. That's where I've been every. single. night. (and day).
Depressing isn't it?

But some of us aren't taking studying as seriously as they should be... (I guess that's what happens when you're graduating in two days)

And cell phone service is spotty down there at best (which is good because then I actually study).
Really, I have had so little contact with the outside world its kind of a joke.

BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel! I only have one more final left! and zero motivation to study for it. Awesome...

I will be a better blogger after this week I promise, I have big plans for the upcoming summer! Lots of super excited things that you should be dying to hear about!! (note the sarcasm...)

However, I am sad to be moving out of my apartment, because I won't get to live with this chica until next Fall!!
We have fabulous late night chats and make goals of eating healthy that never last more than about 12 hours. She makes breakfast for me and we decided to merge our closets so both our wardrobes doubled woohoo!
But she is jetting off to New York to nanny for the summer and leaving me here all by myself.
I am putting on a good face of being happy for her while swallowing my jealousy haha.

Good luck if you're taking finals!
And if you're already done, I'm extremely envious.

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