Saturday, January 7, 2012

The last month of my life: Instagrammed

Ice Cream for FHE 
White hot chocolate

Marley's for lunch 
matching beanies courtesy of our family Christmas party

Finals Week snack of choice 
Finals Week drink of choice

My lone car in the parking lot at 2 AM after being in the library for 15 hours straight 
Christmas presents for everyone!

After we arrived back in the USA, post-Costa Rica 
husband and I picked out the same treats without even knowing!

 My mom and I took full advantage of the Crate&Barrel after-Christmas sale 
Mimi's Cafe has the best hot chocolate

 Cinnamon Roll Pancakes for Sunday brunch 
AC on in January?!

My reward after attending my 8 AM class 
my favorite D.I. find ever

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  1. You made me want two things. To try the Mimi's Cafe hot chocolate. Going there soon. Also, to go to DI and try to find cool clothes. I struggle so bad to go in there. That Febreeze/Old smell makes me yucky, but I will try and withstand to find cool skirts and such!