Monday, July 28, 2014

Root-root-root for the home team:

On our last night in California we tore ourselves away from the sand and water to go to an Angel's baseball game!
It was "Mormon Night" and seeing as we're Mormon (LDS, etc), and also seeing as they were giving away FREE HAWAIIAN THEMED ANGEL'S JERSEYS (see below) at the game, it was practically fate and we had to go. 

I haven't been to a professional baseball game in quite a few years, so I had forgotten how much fun they are (even when you are literally on the highest row -- in all the pictures you can see that we're up against the wall haha) and also how delicious ballpark food is.
I managed to down an icee, crackerjacks (had to), a pretzel, some nachos, and a chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream cone though out the game...  and also I bought a hat so that makes me an official Angel's fan, right?

Ooh and the Angel's won!

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