Monday, October 4, 2010

Girls Night Out

After a hard weekend of taking a test and writing 3 papers (yep 3), we decided to give ourselves a well-earned night out on the town.

But of course, there was a tube strike.
Which means you have to walk everywhere or take the bus. Both of which are very fun, except that with our luck that meant we inevitably got on the wrong bus and drive around for a half hour before ending up right where we'd started. Bus attempt #2 was much more successful and we made it to....

Where we promptly tried to blend in with their culture...

Next, we walked through Leicster Square and Trafalgar square where, of course, we had to climb on the huge metal lions.
And in Jordan's case, attempt to climb
jk she eventually succeeded haha

And the night would not have been complete if we hadn't gotten invited to like 4 clubs where "ladies get in for free tonight!"
Ummmm... no thanks strange man wearing an xxs bedazzled polo....

Last stop of the night: FRAE
Totes the best hun cal fro yo.
But really, it's only 83 calories and is like right around the corner from Palace Court... the discovery of this frozen yogurt shop rivals my steamer-discovery-of-the-week, it might be a tie.

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  1. GRACE. Looking at your pictures is so fun-it reminds me of my study abroad (although I was certainly less well-dressed).I'm so glad you are living life to the FULLEST and enjoying all the splendors of Europe--especially London!! There's no city like it. Make sure to broom your roommates, you know, if you get bored.