Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Josh and Bruno

So we went to London’s Roundhouse Tuesday night to see one of our favorite artists, Joshua Radin. If you haven’t heard any of his songs, listen to some of my favorites here, here, and here.

Everytime I go to concerts, I HAVE to get to front of the crowd. And in the UK, people don’t like to stand very close to each other, so getting to the front was really easy, even though I made a lot of people angry haha.

BUT it was so worth it because I was 5 feet away from Joshua Radin and HAD A FULL ON CONVERSATION WITH HIM. It went as follows:

Joshua: (from the stage) So I fly back to the states tomorrow…

Grace: That’s where I’m from!

Joshua: Oh are there people from the states here?

Grace: Yeah!

Joshua: (looking at me) where are you from?

Grace: (freaking out) Utah!

Joshua; New York?

Grace: No, Utah!

Joshua: OH Utah! They have good skiing there!

Grace: Yeah they do!

Joshua: What’s your name?

Grace: GRACE!

Joshua: That’s a good name

Molly: and Molly!!

Joshua: Grace and Molly, this song is dedicated to Grace and Molly

He then proceeds to play Today while continually looking over and smiling at us!!

It gets better.

So he played the encore IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CROWD and as he was making his way to the back door, I run over, knocking people down, grab his left bicep and yell JOSHUA!

He turns around, grabs my hand, and I say “it’s grace!!” then he says: “Oh Grace from Utah! Thank you!!” and walks out the door!!!

His facebook status the next day:

That was my favorite show as of yet.

 London, I love you.”

We love you too Josh!

Our tickets signed by Joshua's opener Justin Nozuka!

Then tonight, Molly and I decided to go walk around Covent Gardens and grab some dinner.
So we're just wandering around and as we pass the Apple Store, Molly says "I think there's music playing in there!"
So we go inside to see what's going on, and discover BRUNO MARS PLAYING A FREE CONCERT!? He graced our ears with numbers such as "Nothing on You," "Billionaire," and "Just the Way you Are."

After he was done playing, Molly and I run up to the front and I say "Bruno can we get a picture with you?" (yes, I did call him by his first name haha) and he was like sure!
He's really short haha


  1. Pretty sure I'm packing my bags to come to London.

  2. Wow! I saw Jordan's mom last night at a meeting and she said she's pretty sure you gals couldn't be having more fun. This post confirms that. The first guy is cuter (and taller).

  3. Grace I would expect nothing less from you! hahaha

  4. i will be honest. just read that about josh radin. sooo cool! very jealous. that would be tight. no matter who the artist is.