Monday, October 25, 2010

This is Halloween!

So it's officially Halloween week and we kicked it off with a bang! First of all these are some of the decorations that Jordan and I put up on our landing. They are awesome! Thank you Jean for sending them to us and inspiring Halloween spirit in our lives.

THEN tonight me, Jordan, Molly, and Ben went and saw "The Woman in Black" which is this "darkly compelling" and "spine-chilling" play! How scary can a play really be? Really frightening! Like Molly-almost-hyperventilated and Jordan-basically-clawed-my-arm-off scary.
And it's great, because usually I avoid anything scary (the last scary movie I saw was while I was in 7th grade) but in play form the scariness is much more enjoyable! Or maybe it's London that makes being scared more fun?
Either way, I'm so excited for Halloween now!!

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