Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Louvre Paris

Well we finally made it to Paris! And we blend right in because my family is really appreciative of other cultures and the fine arts... Oh wait.

Here are a few of the quotes from my siblings and parents that I've kept track of over the last four days for your enjoyment:

(in the Louvre):
"That painting looks like George Washington... on crack..."

(right after we get off the plane):
"Wait, does this mean all the signs are going to be in French for the next five days? Kill me now."

(at dinner):
"Which is more effective -- a cattle prod or a taser?"

(While touring the Opera House):
"It's like they are a whole race of the little people from 'Gulliver's Travels'!"

(While touring Versailles):
"This reminds me of a skit from 'Jackass'..."

"The only thing better than cage fighting is cage fighting in French."
(does that even need an explanation?)

Matching ear muffs? check.

They saw a mouse on the tracks...

Just look how happy she is...

Who knew Mitz was such a huge fan of double cheese burgers??

Giving a rousing performance of "Phantom of the Opera"


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  1. the mona is so ridic! took me and my siblings like a half hour to hit people to get to the front...they would say mean things in other languages to us. but we had no idea what they were saying!